12 Days of Christmas from C&G Services – Yuletide Safety Tips – No.8

Top safety tips from C&G Services 

On the eighth day of Christmas, the tip from C&G……………………..

Day 8.jpg



Some good advice from the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM)


• if you cannot see clearly use dipped headlights

• you should only use front and rear fog lights in fog where visibility is 100 metres or less

• use the windscreen wipers and washers as you need them

• drive so that you can always stop in the distance you can see to be clear in front of you

• check your speedo – it’s easy to go too fast

• do not accelerate to get away from a vehicle which is following too closely

• brake early and gently so that your brake lights warn drivers

• at junctions wind the window down and listen for traffic

• fog varies in thickness – don’t be caught out by a change in density

 Remember: Don’t rush this Christmas, take your time and get to your destination safely!

(Next Tip – Wednesday 18th December!!)

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