Courses now live on Home Building Skills Website

The website is a ‘fount of knowledge’ whatever direction you are looking to pursue within the construction industry. C&G Services have now loaded a variety of courses of interest and also a white paper about Health & Safety Consultancy

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About the Home Building Skills Project:

In 2009 NHBC, Zero Carbon Hub, HBF and ConstructionSkills came together to establish the Home Building Skills initiative.

Our aim was to identify the most likely changes that would affect the UK housebuilding industry in the next 10 years, and the potential impacts of these changes on the skills and knowledge required by the main groups of professionals involved in this industry.

We wanted to identify the skills and knowledge needed by the whole home building supply chain to cope with, and thrive in, an intensive period of change.

Download the Report and Recommendations here (PDF file, initial report published October 2010).

Since 2010 the group has undertaken further research and has now published an additional report providing, in effect, a synopsis of the most pressing concerns in UK home building today form a skills and training perspective:

Home Building Skills Research Report 2013 (PDF file)

(Information from the Home Building Skills website August 2013)

Train your way out of a recession

Train your way out of a recession

So much has been said about ‘maintaining your marketing spend through a recession’ creates businesses that emerge stronger than a competitors’. But what about training?

Training, like marketing, is religiously targeted by businesses as a way to cut cost’s to try and make a business leaner and more able to survive a recession.

So what’s wrong with cutting your training budget? A business is no longer able to react quickly to increases in demand for its services or products, the workforce isn’t ‘training fit’, succession planning is non existent. Beyond that, when tendering for new business these days, many companies pose the question about demonstrating what you do in regards to Continual Professional Development. If you have cut your training budget, you have no chance in answering this question!! Continue reading