Street Works Update

NRSWA Update

The ACOP has been updated – are you ready for all the changes? The update includes the latest revision amended in June 2014. C&G Services has developed 2 methods of delivery to help explain the update clearly.

1. A half day classroom based interactive session which will give all those attending plenty of opportunity to practise scenarios based around the update, or

2. eLearning – a modular based on-line session with questions to test your knowledge at the end of each module.

So either via eLearning or classroom, we have a solution which will fit your needs. Ensure your teams are ready for the changes, call us on 01453 826781 or email us on Don’t forget, there is less than 3 months left before the update will be enforced, October 2014

C&G Services launching eLearning courses!

eLearning from C&G Services

To further compliment our existing training functions, we’re delighted to announce the launch of some select courses from C&G Services.

The number of courses and the types of accreditation available will grow over the next few months, but to wet your taste buds we have Asbestos Awareness available as our 1st eLearning course.

This modular course is based around 4 parts and can be completed in around 1 hour 10 minutes, the license will remain open for a period of 3 months to allow for flexible learning and completion.

Bespoke Courses

Moving on from ‘off the shelf courses’ –  we will of course be planning to extend the same level of bespoke client focussed training we offer within the classroom environment to our eLearning packages.

Some of the plans we’ll be working on in the coming months:

  • Client branded courses
  • Pre classroom competency checks – an essential, cost effective solution to         pre-check candidates BEFORE attending a classroom based course.

There are many more projects in the pipeline, so please keep your eye on the blog or website for future developments. In the meantime please free to contact me by email if you want to discuss any specific project you have in mind or if you just want to learning more about eLearning from C&G Services (Europe) Ltd