12 Days of Christmas from C&G Services – Yuletide Safety Tips – No.7

Top safety tips from C&G Services 

Day 7On the seventh day of Christmas, the tip from C&G……………………..

Be safe, see and be seen…….

Iced-up windows on your vehicle. Don’t just rely on a ‘letter box’ to see through, by law you must fully clear your windscreen of all snow and ice before starting to drive. All lights must also be clear and don’t be tempted to leave a pile of snow on the roof of your vehicle, think about the people behind you!

If time is pressing in the morning, why not buy a cover or use an old sheet to cover the windscreen and windows around the car? Helps the environment too as you don’t need any chemicals to de-ice the car!

(Next Tip – Friday 13th December!!)