Health & Safety Regulations are changing…………

The health & safety regulations for workplaces are changing as the HSE implement the recommendations of the Lofstedt Review. It’s important that you re-evaluate the measures you have in place and make sure that you have done as much as possible to reduce the lofstedt-report-one-year-onrisks of illness and injury resulting from work related accidents

The costs of injury or illness to businesses can be enormous. However, by putting in place the right measures will obviously help mitigate risk.

We work with organisations whatever the size to assess your training needs and put in place a sold training plan backed up by a service level agreement  that suits the size of your business requirements

Train your way out of a recession

Train your way out of a recession

So much has been said about ‘maintaining your marketing spend through a recession’ creates businesses that emerge stronger than a competitors’. But what about training?

Training, like marketing, is religiously targeted by businesses as a way to cut cost’s to try and make a business leaner and more able to survive a recession.

So what’s wrong with cutting your training budget? A business is no longer able to react quickly to increases in demand for its services or products, the workforce isn’t ‘training fit’, succession planning is non existent. Beyond that, when tendering for new business these days, many companies pose the question about demonstrating what you do in regards to Continual Professional Development. If you have cut your training budget, you have no chance in answering this question!! Continue reading

Let us manage your training

Since the recent introduction by the Health & Safety Executive of Fee For Intervention (FFI) the risks on business to ensure that all there employees and business processes are both 100% have increased enormously.ServiceLevelChart

The risks are now huge fees of around £124 per hour if the HSE find any fault plus all the issues of rectifying faults found, loss of revenue and the impact this may have in the eyes of your clients

Employers need to ensure all their staff are fully trained to do the job they do and the records fully documented and that all business processes are correctly assessed for risks and fully documented. Continue reading