Manual Handling

boxesManual Handling, whether it’s just lifting a box of paper in the office or a heavy more complicated two man lift, it’s essential your staff are trained.
We often take manual handling for granted until it’s too late. The consequences of which can be very serious, often resulting in lifelong, permanent injury.
With the introduction of FFI by the HSE back in 2012, failure by employers to ensure an appropriately trained workforce could leave a business liable to both extensive fines (currently £124 per hour) and being served a prohibition notice. The latter potentially adding to a loss in work, production and income.
Effective training by C&G Services can help prevent these issues. Through our direct consultation, we can offer either ‘off the shelf’ courses or design a course specific to your needs and the type of loads being lifted. We have delivered a range of bespoke Manual Handling courses to many industry sectors so through our experience clients will gain greater knowledge and the best trained staff.
We hold over 20 memberships and accreditations such as the National Skills Academy for Rail and Nuclear meaning that our training is respected amongst our peers and if that wasn’t enough, all our training is delivered to ISO 9001:2008 Quality Standards. Make the right choice today and gettrained by C&G Services!

Happy New Year!

New YearAll the team at C&G Services would like to wish you a very Happy New Year!

I’m sure like me, you have already committed on your New Year’s Resolutions?!!

If not, then make training part of your 2015 resolution, its great for all the following reasons:


  1. It can improve your skills – make you safer and more efficient
  2. Develop new skills – maybe your looking for a new career or changing jobs within the same organisation
  3. Introduce new concepts to your work – our instructors have many years of experience and provide insights into new ways to do the same job, more efficiently and safely
  4. Increase a companies competitive advantage – better trained staff are more efficient, happier and therefore more productive!

So whether your looking for an ‘off the shelf’ course or need something tailored to your specific requirements, give our team a call on 01453 826781 or email

Whatever your Health & Safety or Skills training needs are, we’re here to help you to!

CITB to Incentivise Training with £30M Injection

If we cannot assist you with funding because your outside Gloucestershire then there is still some great opportunities for us to help you via the CITB Grants shceme.

In a move to get industry back into growth, a £30 million Exceptional Training Grant (ETG) has been approved by the CITB board to incentivise training and reward you if you continue training.

CITB_Your Funding

The £30m ETG funding is split £15m for training carried out under the 2012/2013 Period, plus a further £15m for the 2013/2014 Period

To Qualify for ETG you must have completed training that is eligible for Grants Scheme support within either of the two Grant Scheme years.

One of the best ways that you can gain the most appropriate funding is to consider a training and development plan. By working both with us and the CITB a long term goal can be set up to achieve training aims set out over a year instead of just sporadic training on demand.

The team here have a great deal of experience in helping those within scope to gain access to the funding they are potentially due. Give us call to discuss further! 01453 826781 and ask for Alison Sherriff.

DCPC Courses


So here they all are!!

Delighted to announce we are now offering a whole array of short duration courses to assist all drivers requiring the mandatory 35 hours DCPC training.DCPC_Flyer

The training consists of undertaking two 3.5 hour courses on Saturdays (meeting the full 7 hour duration) spread over October through to November, and set every fortnight, all 35 hour training can be completed without impacting the working week and all for the best possible price! With the deadline looming up for all LGV drivers in September 2014, now is the best time to commit and get the 35 hours training completed.

Click on the image to download the pdf

Drivers CPC Exemptions

Are you exempt?

The Driver Standards Agency (DSA) requires for certain drivers to hold a Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) to drive a lorry, bus or coach. It’s now important to know when you are exempt from this ruling to avoid any undue panic as the deadlines are now upon us for all coach/bus drivers (September 2013). All LGV drivers have until September 2014 to complete all 35 hours Drivers CPC training.

Click on the following Driver CPC exemptions: examples link to go to GOV.UK site for further information.

As demand for courses will increase rapidly, don’t delay in getting this training completed as we’re already seeing a big rise in demand and demand may reach a point where getting courses booked will lead to considerable lead times.

We’ve now added a further dozen courses to our burgeoning list of DCPC courses and we can run these on Saturdays as well, whether your looking to get all courses done in one hit or spread to suit you and your staff, give us a call today!! We’re here to help!

Courses now live on Home Building Skills Website

The website is a ‘fount of knowledge’ whatever direction you are looking to pursue within the construction industry. C&G Services have now loaded a variety of courses of interest and also a white paper about Health & Safety Consultancy

 Click on the logo to visit the website

About the Home Building Skills Project:

In 2009 NHBC, Zero Carbon Hub, HBF and ConstructionSkills came together to establish the Home Building Skills initiative.

Our aim was to identify the most likely changes that would affect the UK housebuilding industry in the next 10 years, and the potential impacts of these changes on the skills and knowledge required by the main groups of professionals involved in this industry.

We wanted to identify the skills and knowledge needed by the whole home building supply chain to cope with, and thrive in, an intensive period of change.

Download the Report and Recommendations here (PDF file, initial report published October 2010).

Since 2010 the group has undertaken further research and has now published an additional report providing, in effect, a synopsis of the most pressing concerns in UK home building today form a skills and training perspective:

Home Building Skills Research Report 2013 (PDF file)

(Information from the Home Building Skills website August 2013)

Health & Safety Regulations are changing…………

The health & safety regulations for workplaces are changing as the HSE implement the recommendations of the Lofstedt Review. It’s important that you re-evaluate the measures you have in place and make sure that you have done as much as possible to reduce the lofstedt-report-one-year-onrisks of illness and injury resulting from work related accidents

The costs of injury or illness to businesses can be enormous. However, by putting in place the right measures will obviously help mitigate risk.

We work with organisations whatever the size to assess your training needs and put in place a sold training plan backed up by a service level agreement  that suits the size of your business requirements

Train your way out of a recession

Train your way out of a recession

So much has been said about ‘maintaining your marketing spend through a recession’ creates businesses that emerge stronger than a competitors’. But what about training?

Training, like marketing, is religiously targeted by businesses as a way to cut cost’s to try and make a business leaner and more able to survive a recession.

So what’s wrong with cutting your training budget? A business is no longer able to react quickly to increases in demand for its services or products, the workforce isn’t ‘training fit’, succession planning is non existent. Beyond that, when tendering for new business these days, many companies pose the question about demonstrating what you do in regards to Continual Professional Development. If you have cut your training budget, you have no chance in answering this question!! Continue reading

Let us manage your training

Since the recent introduction by the Health & Safety Executive of Fee For Intervention (FFI) the risks on business to ensure that all there employees and business processes are both 100% have increased enormously.ServiceLevelChart

The risks are now huge fees of around £124 per hour if the HSE find any fault plus all the issues of rectifying faults found, loss of revenue and the impact this may have in the eyes of your clients

Employers need to ensure all their staff are fully trained to do the job they do and the records fully documented and that all business processes are correctly assessed for risks and fully documented. Continue reading

CITB Funding

CITB1314GrantsHi Folks,

Don’t forget that as of the 1st August 2013, the new CITB Grants are now live for the period 2013-2014. If you are a levy payer, then think about putting a Training Plan in place to start maximising the grant you can get. Not sure how to do that, ask us!

Make sure that you are claiming all you should, either give me a call or drop me an email to arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Click here: 2013/2014 Grants for further information