12 Days of Christmas from C&G Services – Yuletide Safety Tips – No.6

Top safety tips from C&G Services 

Day 6On the sixth day of Christmas, the tip from C&G……………………..

Check your tyres…….

The tyres ability to grip the road surface are greatly diminished in cold weather, it is advisable to replace worn tyres before they reach the legal minimum of 1.6 mm (passenger vehicles)

Because it’s the only part of the vehicle that grips the road, the depth of tread on your tyres is a very important for the safety of your vehicle. It also signals the health of the tyre.

Driving with low tread depth increases the potential for tyre failure and aquaplaning. Low tread depth in winter weather conditions can severely reduce grip and control. Motorists driving with tyres under the legal limit also risk a fine.

Winter tyres greatly increase the vehicles ability to grip the road surface when temperatures fall below 7°. Winter tyres are produced from a different mixture of materials than standard/summer tyres. Winter tyres have more natural rubber in them, and this is less affected by cold temperatures. It doesn’t harden, and has better flexibility and grip in cold temperatures. The pattern (or ‘tread’) on winter tyres has more grooves than standard tyres. This means more snow sticks to the tyre, which actually helps improve grip in snow as snow sticks easily to snow. This helps the tyre attain better grip. Winter tyres also have a higher number of ‘sipes’ (little channels or slots) creating many biting edges that lock into icy and snowy roads, thus helping your vehicle brake and accelerate.

There are usually loads of garages around this time of year offering free winter health checks, be safe, get your tyres checked before winter really bites!

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